The producers of M for Mississippi are grateful to our generous sponsors for their instrumental role in making this film a reality.

Our principal sponsor, the Rootsway Roots & Blues Association is a nonprofit organization from Parma, Italy. Founded in 2004, the group is dedicated to promoting rural and indigenous American and African-American musical art forms throughout northern Italy. Roots & Blues has brought several Mississippi blues performers to Italy in recent years.
Live Blues World has also joined the effort as a major sponsor. The web community is billed as “the online home of the blues and blues infected music, connecting artists and fans in the fastest growing social network dedicated to the blues.”
Delta Music Experience Delta Music Experience is an organization dedicated to helping blues enthusiasts dig deeper at the roots of the music, getting to know its musicians and feel the music up close and personal. Delta Music Experience owner Amanda Gresham sponsored the film’s premiere in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
The Mississippi Motion Picture Incentive Program also helped make the film possible. The program was created in 2004 to attract filmmakers and to create a more supportive environment for filming in Mississippi.

Additional sponsors include Clarksdale’s Juke Joint Festival, British blues artist Bob Long, and Jerry & Marge Konkel.